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One of NOVA�s core beliefs is to respect and protect the environment. As such, we are committed to the practice of sound and sustainable environmental practices�from the point of bottling at the source to the packaging of our products. We also take extraordinary efforts to preserve each of our sources and surrounding ecosystems. The More importantly, we recognize how important these resources are to the surrounding eco-system. For this reason, we employ strict resource management practices to ensure that our use is a sustainable one. Since 1990, we have decreased the use of PET (i.e., plastic used to make bottles) by 25%. Our .1L bottle now contains only 7g of PET and our 20 L package contains just 400 grams of PET, making us among the leaders in the industry. We have also taken equally significant steps in reducing the materials used in our other packaging items, such as trays, boxes, labels, film, wrap, etc. In addition to reducing the amounts of materials used for our products, we've also taken steps to ensure environmental efficiency throughout our manufacturing process�from the reduction of water usage during the bottling process to the reuse of some PET and internal recycling of all corrugate (i.e., trays and boxes). Energy conservation is also an integral step in this effort, so we�ve updated our facilities with energy efficient machinery and lighting. All of our forklifts are either propane or battery powered. We do not use diesel.


�  Plastic bottles can be recycled into several products, including rugs, swimming goggles, dog bowls, backpacks, skateboard wheels and ski jackets.

�  Plastic bottles are very fashionable: about five plastic bottles produce enough fiber filling for a ski coat, 25 recycled bottles can make a fleece coat, and it takes 26 bottles to make a polyester suit.

�  It takes 400, 600-grams PET bottles to produce one Extra Large T-shirt.

�  Amazing Recycled melts plastic and whips it in an electric mixer, making a foam. The foam is spun into fibers. They take the fibers, mix them with cotton and make white T-shirts that are 50% cotton/50% water bottles.

�  Made from recycled plastic, the nails and screws in plastic lumber hold better than wood for at least 50 years.

�  A 1-liter water bottle can be recycled and manufactured as a ruler.

�  The filling for one sleeping bag could be made from 2.5 0.5-liter water bottles.